About Me

I am a Research Engineer at Google Research. I earned my B.Sc. degree from the Dept. of Earth and Space Science, Peking University in 07/2019. During my time in school, I worked as a research assistant at the Key Laboratory of Computational Linguistics at Peking University, advised by Prof. Xu Sun. I also spent some fun time interning at Big Data Mining Group, Microsoft Research Asia (2017-2018), and DiDi AI Labs (2018).

My current research is centered on large language model alignment, with a focus on teaching these models to utilize tools, generate reliable responses, and improve their reasoning abilities. Prior to the emergence of large language models, my studies revolved around deep learning applications in the fields of natural language processing and computer vision. Additionally, I have been engaged in machine learning problems related to optimization algorithms and model compression.

Selected Publications [Full List]

Awards & Honors

  • Academic Excellence Award, 2018, Peking University
  • Liao Kaiyuan Scholarship, 2018, Peking University
  • Study Excellence Award, 2015, Peking University
  • May Fourth Scholarship, 2015, Peking University
  • First prize of National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces × 3, 2011-2013, China


  • Program Committee Member: NeurIPS'23, ICML'23, ICLR'21, AAAI'20, ACL'19, EMNLP'19